Our Journey

At CARING, our commitment to excellence begins with a simple philosophy: Great Trolleys make happy customers. Established in 2004, CARING has evolved into a premier supplier of metal products, earning the trust of numerous esteemed companies along the way.

Dedicated to meeting diverse needs, CARING offers an extensive range of top-tier warehouse trolleys, retail store shopping carts and baskets, alongside a comprehensive selection of supermarket equipment and accessories. With our vast array of metal and plastic roll carts, we empower you to select the style and color that best complements YOUR warehouse and store environment.

Discover the difference with CARING—where quality, variety, and customer satisfaction converge.

Big factory

12,000+ square meters of workshop and warehouse.


80+ employee to ensure the quality
and short delivery time.


New design shopping carts & baskets
for retail use.


Durable Roll Carts, Pallet for transport and storage

Our Factory


At our factory, paramount importance is given to production quality. We employ top-grade steel and utilize cutting-edge technology such as electric welding robots and laser cutting machines for precise processing. This meticulous approach ensures both the stability of welding and the accuracy of cutting, guaranteeing exceptional results.


Ensuring the safety of your goods is our top priority. That’s why we offer professional, convenient, and efficient packaging services tailored to your needs. Our expert team is dedicated to providing customized solutions for your peace of mind. Contact us below for more details!

Some of Our Partners

Situated in Suzhou, China, our factory has emerged as a reliable supplier of supermarket and warehouse equipment for numerous esteemed companies.

Today, with a workforce exceeding 80 employees, we uphold our commitment to superior service and enhanced production capacity. Our relentless pursuit of improvement has empowered us to deliver added value without sacrificing quality or service. Within our design divisions, dedicated teams tirelessly strive to craft optimal products and system solutions for our valued customers each and every day.

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Our Team

John zhou


Liam Luo

QC Manager

Sophia Liu

Design Manager

Rose Zhang

Export Manager

CARING - Your Trusted Logistic Equipment Partner

Worldwide has numerous logistics and storage equipment suppliers, but their long delivery times and limited warranties can be concerning. However, CARING distinguishes itself by offering a 15-day delivery guarantee for customized logistic equipment, making it a highly reliable choice.

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