The logistics trolley is also called a warehouse distribution trolley, a cargo trolley, a roll container, a table trolley or a cage truck, made up of casters on the bottom of flat pallets, column trays or cage trays. It is convenient for mechanized handling, and it is suitable for short-distance manpower movement.

The use of roll cages are similar to storage cages, The existing roll containers are mostly foldable and detachable. Therefore, it must be assembled or unfolded before use.

Demoutable/Detachable Roll Container
Nestable and Foldable Roll Cage

The logistics trolleys are generally disassembled or folded and stored in the empty state, which saves space. In the process of use, the roll containers are not easy to stack and store, and most of them are stored separately on the ground.

Roll Container Applications and Advantages:

Roll containers are often used for logistics distribution in large supermarkets or logistics turnover between factory operations. It is suitable for logistics handling between enterprise processes. It can also be loaded into the store at the factory or logistics distribution center and directly used as part of the commodity shelf.

1. The logistics industry, the production industry to carry the tool, can make the production line space to do its best;
2. Planning production, saving manpower, reducing costs, to achieve high productivity, high quality;
3. Product handling mainstream, to ensure that personnel, goods in The handling process is safe and reliable;
4. The storage space is large and the application is flexible, and the foldable collection does not occupy space.
5. With the nameplate, clear process operation, transport light, and flexible operation are simple.
6. High mobility, beautiful structure, surface electrostatic spray treatment, long service life.

Professional design, easy to operate, save time and effort. Widely used in the logistics and distribution industry and the processing and manufacturing industries. A and Z frame design:

A Frame
A Frame Transport Trolley
Z Frame

The use of logistics trolleys According to different situations, partitions can be arranged in the logistics trolleys to facilitate the storage of different goods; in addition, there are four wheels under the logistics trolley, two of which are fixed and the other two It can be rotated 360°, which is very convenient for people to push.

It is a very good solution for small items to be transported, stored, and displayed for many purposes.

It is a very good solution for small items to be transported, stored and displayed for many purposes.

Roll Cage Container Personal Use

Warehouse Distribution Trolleys Logistic Solutions

Precautions for use:

The logistics trolley adapts to the ambient temperature: -25 °C -80 °C

Try to avoid sun exposure and close to the heat source.

Try to avoid falling directly from the truck

Our logistics trolley is designed according to the load, Do not exceed the maximum load.

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