Heavy Duty Steel Container

Our heavy duty wire containers are widely used in the warehouses, supermarkets, workshops, logistic distribution centers, automobile industries and manufacturing industries.

Heavy duty wire containers are highly loaded, foldable, stackable and convenient to use.

Dimensions 1000 × 800 × 770 mm
Foldable Size



1500KGS, 3306LB

Details about Heavy Duty Steel Container

Heavy duty steel container is made of high-strength steel wires, stainless steel wire and steel plate. Compared with common wire containers, the structure and the bearing capacity of heavy duty wire container are more stable and higher. In addition, heavy duty wire container is foldable and stackable, this helps to save space and transportation cost, it is also more convenient.

1. With high bearing capacity, Safety capacity is about 1500kgs=3300lbs.
2. Strong structure, the characteristics of foldable and stackable can help it to save space and transportation cost.
3. Anti-corrosion.
4. Mesh opening structure prevents dust accumulation, and easy to see what’s in it.
5. Colorful and Beautiful appearance.
6. Durable with longer lifespan.

CARING have more than 10 types of Heavy-duty wire containers on sale, size from Length 1000mm-2700mm. Welcome to consult!

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