Steel Pallet

Steel pallet, also known as metal pallet is a horizontal platform device used for containerization, stacking, handling and transportation to place goods and products as unit loads.

Steel pallets are ideal replacement products for traditional wooden pallets and plastic pallets. They are suitable for forklift operations and are easy to access and store goods.

Dimensions 1200 × 1000 × 125 mm


Static Load

1500kg, 3300lb

Dynamic Load

4000kg, 8800lb

Details about Steel Pallet

Mainly used for multi-purpose ground storage, shelf storage, cargo intermodal transportation, turnover and other ultra-light metal pallet series. Placement of containerization, stacking, handling and transportation as a horizontal platform device for unit loads. It is one of the important storage and transportation auxiliary equipment in the industry.

The main material is steel or galvanized steel sheet, which is formed by special equipment, various profiles are supported by each other, rivet connection is strengthened, and then welded by CO2 gas shielded welding.

1. The carrying capacity is the strongest among the pallets.
2. 100% environmental protection, can be recycled and reused, and resources are not wasted.
3. The surface is treated with anti-skid treatment, and the periphery is treated with hemming. The chassis is sturdy, the overall weight is light and the steel is strong. With stable packaging performance;
4. Waterproof, moisture-proof and rust-proof; compared with wooden pallets, it has environmental protection advantages (such as the capacity of wooden pallets to breed pests).
5. Compared with plastic pallets, it has advantages of strength, wear resistance, temperature resistance and price.
6. Especially when it is used for export, it does not need fumigation, high temperature disinfection or anti-corrosion treatment, which is in line with international environmental protection regulations;
7. Flexible (four-direction insertion design virtually improves the convenience of space utilization and operation, and its sturdy bottom plate design also conforms to the use of conveying, rolling, and automatic packaging systems), etc.

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