Heavy Duty Steel Dollies


Stable support for heavy parts and machinery in factories and warehouses.
Flush 12-gauge steel deck design for easy loading and unloading.
Hidden fasteners won’t scratch cargo.
Tow rod makes it easy to pull heavy loads.
Four Heavy-duty Nylon swivel casters.


Steel, Stainless Steel





Details about Heavy Duty Steel Dollies

We have designed this steel dolly as a handling and transport solution suitable for carry 4 boxes at one time without stacking. all of them can be customized.

The Steel Dollies are designed specifically for stacking and transporting trays and boxes around warehouse, restaurants, banquet halls,and more. When not in use, they stack for easy storage. They move effortlessly since they are equipped with four plate type swivel casters. Move multiple boxes while saving time and energy rather than carrying individual boxes at a time.

Made using a fully welded construction and offering great mobility thanks to the four 125 mm swivel castors mounted on the underside of the dolly.

Stainless steel dolly is well suited for use in food industry, and any other hygiene controlled industries, as the stainless steel will not rust or corrode.

The design, size, material can be customized.

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